The Law Office of Lynn T. Galuppo operates as "GLG", and specializes in dispute resolution and litigation concerning business and real estate matters.  Ms. Galuppo approaches litigation matters with an understanding her clients’ legal and business objectives and provides cost-effective approaches. To be more effective, efficient and hands-on for her clients, Ms. Galuppo founded GLG offering the identical excellent and responsive service that her clients obtained when she was with her former big firms, but at a more cost-effective and reasonable billing rate. 

At GLG, our seasoned litigator knows from nearly two decades of experience to efficiently navigate the litigation process, to favorably position a case, and to persuasively present that case at trial. GLG has a demonstrated performance of high-quality legal work, providing superior service, at highly competitive billing rates, and with successful outcomes. 

GLG handles virtually every type of civil litigation matter in a wide variety of cases at the trial court level in both federal and state courts. GLG’s success also includes appellate practice and expertise. GLG’s attorney was integral in important reported appellate decisions and has argued before the Ninth Circuit and California Appellate Courts.  Our litigator’s combined litigation and appellate experience enables GLG a strong legal foundation during trial court proceedings to obtain judgments that withstand scrutiny before a reviewing court. 

In addition to zealously litigating matters, GLG is reasonable, versatile and creative in our approach to settlement.  We will assess whether settlement is appropriate for the matter, taking into consideration both legal and business strategies and practicalities. GLG is effective and efficient in resolving disputes with solutions that align with the client's litigation goals and business needs. GLG is preferred for developing settlement structure options unique to each case.

GLG provides litigation services in the following areas:


  •      Business & Commercial
  •      Real Estate
  •      Corporate, partnership and joint venture 
  •      Financial services
  •      Class actions
  •      Boundary & Easements 
  •      Environmental & Construction
  •      Landlord/tenant 
  •      Appeals & Writs
  •      Receivers